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The Essence of Time

Updated: Nov 2, 2018

Last week, I intended to post, but this is one of the months since I began this blogging journey that I have let a week of time pass by without writing here. In my last post, a couple weeks ago, I emoted through poetry about home. It's interesting how those two things for me go hand in hand. The essence of home and the feeling of time slipping away are on my mind a lot. Perhaps because I'm in the final stages of getting book two of the Tracing Time Trilogy, Chasing Shadows, ready for print. It's all about time, space, and a journey to find home, simply put. Something I contemplate regularly.

Or perhaps it's because I am in a season of life where I can't seem to catch my breath in time to do the next thing on my list. And the more time I spend at home, the more I long to go out and do good in the world while I still have the time. Funny, isn't it?

I read a blog post earlier this month that talked all about the essence of time. The here and now. If you go to Sarah's post, you'll be able to download a graphic that I have printed and hung above my desk that reads as such:

This is my life. Here, now, and today. There is no other moment in which to live.

I needed that. Because as Sarah put it in her blog post, " life is still happening in every nook and cranny of my over-full schedule." Even the title of her site "Beautiful Between–living fully in the now and not yet" eloquently depicts the concepts I wrestle with in my writing, my mindset, and my daily living.

So, time–as it passes, slips away, and tic-tocks on by–might some days give me the feelings of home, some days give me more than I can fit in, but everyday can be fully lived. Honestly, the unexpected opportunities that have come my way while juggling the unforeseen matters of my life in this year of time, good old 2018, have been seemingly insurmountable–foolish, even. But one decision to live life risky–LIMITLESS–at the beginning of this year has pushed me forward day after day, moment after moment.

What pushes you forward to use every bit of time you've got in this thing called life? Comment below to let me in on your secrets; I'd love to learn from you!!!

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