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Novelist. Screenwriter. Cult Survivor. Speaker. Advocate.

tracing time five star review
tracing time trilogy
tracing time five star review
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Shelly Snow Pordea is author of The Tracing Time Trilogy, a story which spans three generations of women who find their way in the world while seeking to save themselves and those they love. Tracing Time is currently in production development for  movie adaptation.

Her first children's book, The Hug Who Had No Arms, debuted on Amazon as a #1 bestseller in several categories. Inspired by the pandemic,  a time when the world seemed to stop hugging, Shelly took to her love of drawing and storytelling to create a children's tale to help families express love through the strange practice of social distancing as well as celebrating different ways to show our love.

Shelly is a cult survivor using her voice through the power of storytelling in order to promote change. A victim of childhood sexual abuse, she reached out to church leaders as a teenager, only to be “handled” in a culture of shame and misogyny. Today, she advocates for survivors of spiritual, sexual, and institutional abuse with #igotout, and is writing a memoir about her experiences. As a screenwriter, a fictional adaptation of her personal story is currently in production collaboration with her brother and actor, Jon Snow. 


Her upcoming novel is themed on witnessing the treatment of women in society. Though we often claim the patriarchy is a thing of the past, when a woman's character is in question, where does she turn? Shelly draws from her experiences both in a cult setting and mainstream megachurch system to create the world and story of The Cheating Wife.



Find all of Shelly's books here, and be sure to subscribe for upcoming work, including info about Shelly's first screenplay!


Shelly speaks to groups, schools, and organizations about her experiences in the cult, getting out, and becoming an entrepreneur.


Shelly is a collaborator with, a consortium of cult survivors supporting the #igotout movement.


Shelly helps authors and creatives with the storytelling and self-publishing process through her online courses and groups.

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