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The YOU CAN Courses Bundle

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Recommended timeline for this is a 6-month minimum. Get all three courses in one!! Get the basics of manuscript writing and hone your book idea in part one: You Can Write A Book In this section you will learn how to: Start with the basics – Know Your End Goal IdentifyYour Audience State Your Big Idea Understand Your Writing Voice Develop A Manuscript – Hone Your Big Idea Establish a Practice Outline Your Project Get Comfortable with Assessment and Accountability Prepare for Publication – Edit Your Work Interact With Your Audience Establish Your Next Steps Get My Best Recommended Resources Next, take your manuscript from rough draft to published book in this step-by-step for the self-published author: You Can Self Publish In this section you will learn how to: Prepare to Publish by: Notifying Your Network Get Beta Readers and Editors Find an Affordable Cover and Interior Design Publish Your Book by: Creating Author Accounts Finalizing Your Work and Uploading Your Book to Multiple Online Platforms Launch Your Publication with a: Prelaunch Strategy Launch That Book Plan to Expand Your Reach and have a Post Launch Strategy Then, understand that: You Can Make An Impact In the last section, we'll learn some basic principles for marketing and social media influence for you as an author. Self-publishing doesn't end with getting your book into the world. That's just the beginning of how your story can make an impact!

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