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Formatting Services

Have you finished your manuscript, but need help getting your book ready to publish?

Shelly provides formatting services for your projects!

Best Value

General Book Formatting



For fiction, non-fiction, and non-illustrated books

Valid for 3 weeks

Interior manuscript formatting

Ebook, Hardcover, Paperback

Best Value

Illustrated Book Formatting



For any illustrated book

Valid for 3 weeks

Interior book formatting

Ebook, Hardcover, Paperback

A three-week turnaround for services is guaranteed after all required materials and information are transferred. Service includes digital files of all desired formats of the book (ebook, hardcover, paperback). Ongoing communication and condensed files will be sent via email for approval from the author during the course of the three weeks. If changes are desired after the final okay is given, one edit is included in the price of this service. After that, each reformatting edit will be an additional $50 charge and is not guaranteed within the three-week timeframe.

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