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A #1 New Release on Amazon!


Inspired by the pandemic, a time when the world seemed to stop hugging, novelist Shelly Snow Pordea took to her love of drawing and storytelling to create a children's tale that will warm any heart. This book of feelings is a delightful story of love for the whole family. The sweet story explores how our diversities make us uniquely equipped to express love. You can share the joy of knowing that we can show our love in many ways, with whatever tools we are given!


"This is a simple, yet beautiful reminder that everyone is special in their own way. Especially during this time of quarantine when hugs are not given or received as frequently as normal, this story shows ways to still show our heart. My elementary school students LOVE this book!"

–Amazon reviewer

Baby Hand

Do you or someone you love have a child with special needs? I am proud to support the Cerebral Palsy Guide for families. Check out their services for you and the people you love.

...this children's book teaches how diversity makes us uniquely equipped to express love.

Great for families with divergent abilities...


Having a bilingual family has deepened Shelly's love for the nuances of language. Designed with the English bilingual family in mind, these books are a labor of love! If you'd like to see your language represented in this hugfest, don't hesitate to reach out for collaboration!

Find a bilingual version below of the #1 new release children's book now on Amazon! 

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