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Meet your hosts!

George and Shelly are proud parents of 3 incredible adult children, in-laws to one impressive son-in-law, and grandparents to the most enchanting granddaughter you've ever seen. Married in 1995, the couple moved to George's home country of Romania in 1999 and returned to Shelly's hometown of St. Louis, MO in the summer of 2013. Since then, they have maintained their residence in Romania, visiting multiple times a year. George is the founder of a nonprofit, and Shelly has become a multiple best-selling author. 

George's expertise in hosting short-term non-profit aid groups to Romania, Ukraine, India, and more has uniquely equipped him to facilitate a travel experience in his home country like no other! Shelly's writing background of ghostwriting, journal creation, novel writing, screenwriting, and children's book illustrator has allowed her to dream up an experience that will inspire any writer, artist, and creator! Shelly will facilitate all the in-home retreat and Creative Mindfulness activities, while George will manage the tourism. Both will be staying offsite overnight for retreat attendees to enjoy extra bonding and discussion time during their stay. 

Shelly and George are excited to invite you into a space that has sparked their creative fire many a time. The couple will guide you through the mystical mountains of Transylvania where they believe you can tap into the most exciting parts of yourself! Enjoy the tastes, sights, and sounds of this ancient land with your hosts who truly appreciate the magic it offers.

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