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The Hug Who Had No Arms

This book of feelings is a delightful story of love for the whole family. Share the joy of knowing that we can express our love in many ways, with whatever tools we are given.


The Hugfest Bilingual Series

Having a bilingual family, Shelly was passionate about turning this sweet story into multi-lingual versions of the original.



Shelly's current projects include her Tracing Time Trilogy, a time-travel novel series, in production development for movie adaptation.

Her upcoming novel is themed on witnessing the treatment of women in society. Though we often claim the patriarchy is a thing of the past, when a woman's character is in question, where does she turn? Shelly draws from her experiences both in a cult setting and mainstream megachurch system to create the world and story of The Cheating Wife.

As a screenwriter, a fictional adaptation for a series drama of Shelly's personal story is currently in production collaboration with her brother and actor, Jon Snow. 

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