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A Big, Distant Hug For You!

Have you been missing things like hugging your friends? Yeah, me too. And even though in my home state of Missouri, they are loosening the shutdown a bit, we are all still practicing keeping our distance. A couple weeks ago, when more than a month went by of not being able to do a simple thing like hug anyone outside my immediate family, I began to feel emotional about it.

And after listening to an interview with children's author and creator of the Conscious Bedtime Story Club, Andrew Newman, inspiration for a little story of my own was born!

I'm so excited to announce my FIRST children's book, The Hug Who Had No Arms is now available for Kindle pre-orders! (paperback coming soon after the ebook release on May 18!)

Here's a little blurb about the book!

Inspired by a time when the world seemed to stop hugging, author Shelly Snow Pordea took to her love of drawing and storytelling to create a children's tale that will warm any heart. This book of feelings is a delightful story of love for the whole family. Share the joy of knowing that we can express our love in many ways, with whatever tools we are given.

"This book, like the title suggests, feels like a warm embrace-and one we desperately need right now."

-Jeff Goins, bestselling author and father

"During a time when so many of us feel unable to show love the way we would like to, Shelly Snow Pordea's precious words weave a world where children (and grown-up children, too) are reminded that love comes in all shapes, sizes and forms, and what really matters is that we share it."

-Seven Sinclaire, poet and mental health advocate

During March, we spent a month of daily creativity mindset work both here on the blog and on Facebook, then April brought the challenge of focusing on how that creative energy was manifesting! Did you keep the momentum going? It's okay if you didn't. I have good days and bad, if I'm being honest.

But this article, and others like it, help me understand the importance of my work–AND YOURS–during this time! So this is just a bit of my work, and of others who inspire me to hopefully give you the nudge (and virtual hug) you may be needing.

To the creative YOU, friend!

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