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Lessons Of The Seasons

We’re coming to the end of our 31-day challenge, and everything in our world has changed. No matter where we find ourselves on the planet, we’re facing an unprecedented season both emotionally and environmentally. So, over the last few days of our journal, I want us to think about learning through change. Intentionally finding the lessons for us during this time, and focusing on creating solutions for what we face throughout all the seasons of life.

March 28th we’ll simply take a look at the season of life we’re in right now. Journal about how this season feels to you. We’re not always meant to create a masterpiece in every season, but what can we create to meet the needs we have right now? Let’s focus on that today!

March 29th is about the seasons of growth in our lives. Where I live, spring is at its beginning stages, and I love to soak in the warm months that remind me of the vibrancy of life. Today, we’ll journal about what those seasons of growth can teach us. Then, let’s intentionally focus on how we can create growth in our lives, whichever given season we’re in. It can be as simple as planting seeds for a garden–that’s what I’m doing!

March 30th we’ll journal about the seasons of letting go in our lives. When something needs to end, we often resist. But such are the rhythms of life. We’ve spent a little time in our journals already talking about pausing, and finding a pace that may work best for us, but now is the time to truly think about what you may be holding onto that clearly needs to end. I believe that by letting go of what needs to be released, we can create a better connection with the season of life we’re in right now–no matter what that looks like.

March 31st is for reflection. What have you created? Don’t be afraid to make a list of the tiniest things–like extra yummy cinnamon rolls for the whole family since we’re spending more time than ever together in the house! How do you view your relationship with creativity now as opposed to on day 1 of our challenge?

Tell me: Are you the creative type?

Don’t forget the recommended reading for this challenge: Big Magic and Braving the Wilderness. It’s the perfect time to grab a book and read a little more than we may be used to!

I hope you’ve enjoyed our 31 days of creative mindfulness! If you haven’t yet shared with me the things that you’ve been creating, I’d love to hear from you! Join me on Facebook or Instagram!

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