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Sensing Change

Updated: Mar 14, 2020


I'm sensing a shift in things. friend. How about you? I'd love to hear how your challenge is going! If you missed the first few days, don't worry! You can download the journal here to jump right in, or go to last week's post to catch up. Be sure to follow along on Instagram or Facebook for daily video updates and discussion!

This section is all about–you guessed it–OUR SENSES. You may wonder why we're going to spend the next six days talking about our senses if this is a creativity challenge, but I believe that paying attention to our senses instead of simply relying on them daily will enhance our connection with our creative side!

March 7th, we'll jump right into our sense of taste. I just had to start with this one! Can you remember an experience you had with something so tasty you'll never forget it? So much of our lives are centered around food, but do we take the time to savor the taste of life? We can create a deliciously tasteful experience today!

March 8th, we're talking about our sense of hearing and focusing on the sounds in our lives. So many of us engage in a very noisy world! But what are we hearing? And how are we being heard? Does the story we're creating sound like we intend it to?

March 9th, is about smell! Let's go back to a memory you had involving an aroma that evoked emotion. What are some of your favorite smells? How can you create an experience with aroma today?

March 10th, we'll talk about touch. This may be surface-level as in textures and objects, or you can deeper, thinking about the connection we need through touch. Wherever you choose to focus, intentionally think about the touch you enjoy, and how that can enhance your life today.

March 11th is about sight, possibly the sense we rely on most if we are blessed to possess it. In this age of information, it is said that on average we see over 250 images for ads alone every single day. But what are we actually watching? Pay attention to your favorite thing to look at or watch. What kind of emotion does it stir within you? And what kind of visual experience are you creating today?

March 12th we'll talk about intuition. You've had a feeling before, right? Like that feeling when you know you're right even if you can't explain why. Think about an experience you've had with intuition and then lean into using your intuition today. It may be telling you something about your creativity!

These six days are meant to help you develop a stronger connection with your senses as you employ them to express your creativity. Have you created something new yet this month? I'd love it if you'd share that with me! I've started a project that I'll be showing on social media soon because my creative juices are flowing! Use the hashtag #marchcreativemadness for us to follow along and I want to see your work too!

To your creativity, friend!

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