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The Colorful World We Live In

In this next section of our creativity journal, we'll be talking about color. Perhaps things seem pretty grey right now to us all, and we truly need to take the time to look around us and focus on the beautiful, vibrant color of our lives.

March 23rd will simply be about your favorite color. What is it, and why did you choose that color? Maybe yours, like mine, can differ with different moods. But let's focus on which color can bring us a sense of calm and joy, and how we can bring a little bit more of it into our lives today!

March 24th is going to be about expanding the concept of your favorite color to include your personal color palette. What I mean by that is, there are colors that evoke different emotions in me than they do to you. Take the time to think through what colors you can bring into your creative space that give you a sense of peace, calm, and productivity. I think it's more important than ever to foster an environment of creativity and we can enhance that through intentionally choosing colors that soothe!

March 25th we'll be taking a turn and thinking through the "red light" of our journey. We've all been forced into a time of pause recently. But what has this brought to light for you? Where can we pause, give up, or stop something that hasn't been healthy or hasn't been serving us in the best way?

March 26th is about the "yellow light" in our journey. Since we've all slowed our pace over the last few weeks, maybe we're more aware than ever about what a better pace of life can be for us. Journal about what a healthy pace looks like to you.

March 27th is for the "green light" we are sensing in our lives. Since we've taken the time to examine where we've stopped and how we can maintain a healthy pace, let's focus on what it is we're being drawn to. What can we create now that will be in line with what we're feeling that we're meant to do? We can use this time to create some pretty amazing new ways of life if we put our minds to it.

So, what have you created since you began your creativity challenge? A few of the things I've been told so far are these:

  • One girl has started writing and illustrating a children's series.

  • One friend has started new cooking and creative mealtimes for the family.

  • Another friend began composing beautiful music again.

  • A lady told me she returned to writing a manuscript for a novel she began a long while ago.

So what's your story? I'd love to hear from you! Haven't connected yet? Find me on Instagram or Facebook or here on TheCreativU!

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