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The Magic That Moves Us

On our creative journey we're now moving from talking about what inspires us to reconnecting with the magic within that we may have neglected. We'll be focusing on all things unexplainable over the next few days. In light of the current events of our world, I want to remember that it may be more important than ever to tap into my creativity. I recently read an article by one of my favorite young intellectuals, Vizi Andrei, where he reminds us of using our time to creatively solve problems in our world. Times are changing, friend. And we're all part of it.

As we take social responsibility seriously and may have more time of solitude than normal, let's tap into the ethereal over the next five days!

March 18th–what's your most magical, mystical memory? When I was little, my imagination painted me as everything from a fairy princess to a space warrior. But in my real life, there seemed to be moments when the two worlds would collide and make me believe that there was more to this experience than what I can touch. How can you tap into that now? Can we create something magical for ourselves or someone else today? I'm pretty sure we all need a good dose of it! And since Disney parks are closed, we've gotta be inventive, guys.

March 19th isn't exactly based on a magical experience, but it seems like something only fantasies are made of. I'm calling it Message In A Bottle. Remember the old story of a sea-bound message mystically arriving at a serendipitous location at precisely the right time? Seems pretty magical. What inexplicable message have you received before? And what's the message you'd create today to send into the unknown? Use your journal to spend time with the message you may have for yourself or others today!

March 20th is for the magical notion of the Genie In A Bottle. Has it been a really long time since you imagined what you'd wish for if you found the illustrious golden lamp that houses a genie? Take the time to think of your wishes today. Then, ask yourself how you can create a way to take one step toward granting just one of those wishes to yourself. Many times we look for mystical experiences instead of creating ways to fulfill the wishes of our hearts!

March 21st is going to focus on your fairytale life. When push comes to shove, many of us have either not thought about what we truly want (here's a Tedx talk from Rita Wilson that addresses the idea that many of us think we're not allowed to ask that question when we're so blessed as it is) or that a fairytale is supposed to look extravagant. So we push those thoughts aside. Let's take the time to think about what it is we really want. That's our own version of a fairytale. Then, let's take a look at one thing we can do today to make our lives look more like the one we dream of.

March 22nd is about the dragons we must slay. Every good story has a villain and ours is no exception. But what if we tried to remember today that since we're the author of this tale that we can wield a weapon of our own making fashioned exquisitely to slay the very dragons that may impede us?

By bringing the imaginary world of our minds into our everyday thought process, let's create actionable steps by which we move toward creative solutions for ourselves and possibly society at large. Great things are still on the horizon!

Stay healthy and safe, friends. Haven't connected yet? Find me on

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