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When Inspiration Strikes

Updated: Mar 14, 2020


Welcome to the next portion of our journey on this 31-day challenge! I hope you're feeling inspired. If you're not yet, don't worry! This is the part where we lean into finding the things that do inspire us!

If you haven't yet joined the fun, you can download the journal for this series, and jump right in. Be sure to follow along on Instagram or Facebook for daily video updates and discussion!

March 13th is simply about inspiration. What is it that inspires you to action? Name the things that truly inspire you to move forward. Then, let's take the time to seek those things out today, How can you inspire someone? How can you find inspiration within yourself?

March 14th is about the heroes that inspire us! Use actual real-life experiences with people who inspire you. Oftentimes we look pretty far outside of our experience to glean inspiration from superheroes, but what if we took an intrinsic look? Could we be our own superhero? Is someone in our lives so inspiring that we've overlooked it? Not today. Let's recognize our own heroes!

March 15th we'll talk about names. We immediately associate feelings with the words we use. Have you ever wanted to change a name of something? Maybe change your name? I recently read a book called How To Be An Antiracist where the author talks about learning that the history of his middle name was steeped in slave trade. He chose to change it. I think our own names and what we name things mean a whole lot, and are inextricably linked to our creative story. Whether your journey goes as deeply as Ibram X. Kendi, or this is the first time you've given thought to what we name things, think about a name you'd change. And then imagine a character you'd create with a name that really means something to you. Maybe the one you're naming is the person you're becoming.

March 16th is all about music. What do we listen to? What's your favorite type of music? And how can we use music to enhance our creativity? This may go along well with the exercise we did on creative environments. Music isn't just background noise. Let's really pay attention to it today!

March 17th is where we'll end our section on inspiration out in the wild. Okay–maybe not in the wild, per se, but at least in nature! Do you find it hard to connect with nature some days? The long, cold winters of the midwest can get to me...and I'm trying to infuse gratitude into the fact that I don't live so far north that "long winters" to me does not mean 6 full months! But the grey days and the flat planes make it necessary for me to be absolutely intentional about connecting with nature. Maybe your busy life means the same for you! Let's take the time to recognize what inspires us about nature, and then intentionally get out and soak some of it in today.

These five days will hopefully motivate us to connect with the inspiration all around us. Have you created something you're excited about? I'd love to hear your story! Shoot me an email, DM, or use the hashtag #marchcreativemadness and I'll connect with you. Our journeys were meant to be shared.

To the creative you, friend!

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