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Why the Sky's Not the Limit

This summer we had the opportunity to visit Switzerland. O.M.G. Switzerland (said in softest whisper). I was breathless most of the time. I've never seen its equal. As I sat gazing at the sight of Mont Blanc, or trekking up the mountain to Oeschinen Lake, elevation 5,177 feet–don't worry, we took the gondola as far as it would take us before hiking the next 20+ minutes–I wondered about that saying. They sky's the limit. Is it? I believe there's something beyond the sky. Something to explore. Yet, I don't even imagine the possibility of soaring the blue that I can see most days.

As we came down the mountain after a superb day of alpine sliding–seriously one of the coolest things ever, guys–and drinking from the crystal springs that flowed from the freshly melted snow, it was almost as if I was reborn. I felt small, but full. The sky. The beyond. The massive mountains. Me.

We went back into the town to explore places we might find to eat some more of the delectable cuisine we enjoyed on our trip. As we walked, I couldn't help but notice the sky again. It was filled with tens of paragliders in every direction. Amidst the backdrop of beautiful buildings and majestic mountains, some dared to soar.

I wondered if any of their mothers told them falling from the sky was dangerous.

If anyone ever scoffed at their childish attitude of trying to spread wings and fly.

Told them that spending an afternoon catching wind gusts was a waste of time.

If so, they didn't listen. They didn't view even the sky as their limitation. They embraced it. Something in them made them decide to jump off a mountain with cords and nylon as their security. Pretty daring.

I know that we as humans have limitations. But how often to we allow our minds to box us into a thinking that may or may not be true? Unexplored. If daring men would have never strapped pieces of fabric to their backs or other contraptions that they built, I would have never boarded a jetliner to the loveliest place I've ever seen.

It made me think. Dream. Dare.

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