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The Places We Call Home

I'll tell you more about my life overseas, but for now I wanted to share a bit of my heart. Perhaps this best expresses my journey. I lived a mere 20-minute drive from this castle for over 14 years. It's one of those places you can go to just soak in the feeling of magic. I don't live near many places like that now. Or maybe I simply haven't found them yet. Whichever the case, I live with a sense of duality. I have a tug of war on my heart between the two places on earth that I call home.


My heart is torn betwixt two places

And yet I cannot go

The path once traveled

Lies in wait

And beckons me back home

But here I find the worlds not there

And there the things not here

So as I live another day

My heart goes to and fro

I'll brave a path that winds and bends

To distances not taken

And find my place in lives now shared

In values not yet shaken

So onward to this home I lack

I stay another day

Knowing that when time has come

My other place awaits

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